Hello world!

This is my very first post.  Ta-da! 😉  Welcome!

I’m a first-time bride at 51.  In fact, I suspect I’ll be 52 by the time we actually say our “I do’s”.  So I’m a mid-life bride (hence, the name of the blog) and while I have a lifetime of experience behind me to draw upon, this is a completely new adventure for me:  planning a wedding at this stage of my life.  But luckily, I have good organizational skills and have often done event planning for others.  Now it’s my turn!

I thought to start this blog because in the last year or so that we’ve been engaged, I’ve been looking around for other information or information about ladies in similar circumstances, e.g., over 35 who have lives, experiences, and tastes that a 24 year old does not.  And I’ve discovered there’s not much out there.  Then, also due to circumstances – like preparing a house to sell before I can actually start plunking down money and seriously planning a wedding – I’ve had ample time to do my research.

So this blog is meant to record my experiences and ideas for planning a wedding at mid-life.  I hope you enjoy!